Body Painting

December 4, 2013

“Body Painting” was a collaborative effort between New York artists Maki Fujita, a dancer, model and choreographer, Fred George, a photographer, Jacob Livshultz, a video-grapher, Kaori Kayo, a painter, and Yanusz Gilewicz. The concept involved the use of a human torso as the canvas for Gilewicz’ paintings. Beginning with an enhanced projection on Fujita, the model, paints were applied. The photographer, George, captured a variety of body positions assumed by the model while Livshultz, the video-grapher, taped the entire process. The objective was to create a painting in such a way that the underlying human form seemed to disappear. When that goal was reached, the “body painting” was then transformed into an abstract image, an archetypal and statuesque form by the painter, Gilewicz.