Sun Powered Painting Project

December 17, 2013

An idea to create Sculpted Painting Moving in Time powered by something other then a controlled moving light source occurred to Janusz while working on his invention. He observed his painting changing while exposed to the sun light and realized he can create a new medium using the sun itself.

Sun Powered Painting is a brain child of Janusz Gilewicz’s invention of Sculpted Painting Moving in Time.

SPP part sculpture/painting/installation/kinetic art is designed to be major tourist attraction for ¬†New York City-Central’s Park.

Gilewicz wants to create  monumental art object which images would change with the movement of the sun on the sky. Depending on part of the day and season the painting would produce different images to the degree that visitors upon arrival to the same location would always see something new and unexpected.

Painting would be powered entirely by solar energy and theme would be human relationship to the nature.