3D Fish Pond

December 2, 2013

The Trompe l’oeil effect is the trick that draws our eye in to question notions of dimensions and deception.

In mastering this, the artist has to negotiate between light, shadow, depth and angle. First celebrated in ancient Greek and Rome, audiences continue to delight in this theatrical art so magical and scientific, honoring  the natural world.

Technical description of 3D Trompe l’oeil fish ponds
The success of the 3D fish ponds is based on convincing the participant that an actual pond with lily pads and fish exist before them. 3D fish ponds have a positive impact on mood. According to The American Journal of Medicine, fish pond have ability to lower blood pressure and drop heart rate.

If the client desires : this reliable and true-tested template can be applied to ceilings, walls outdoor spaces, cars op planes. Simply anything with the surface.